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Chicago's Provocative Playmate

The Girl

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I'm Stella.

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I've been a staple of Chicago experience for years and I'm always up for initiating a newcomer to kinky, indulgent play. I'm an East Coast downtown thoroughly modern minx by way of Northside Chicago who knows her own appetite and gets a thrill out of making you squirm and blush. I'm a magical blend of quirky, relaxed, creative intimacy with a taste for taboo bedroom experimentation and role play with the right partner. Ultimately, I'm a cool girl who loves to wax poetic with you for hours as much as she happens to like to get a little sultry behind closed doors.

I am your dream girl. Your kinky girlfriend.

I remain touchable and real. I love to laugh and break character with a wink and a grin mid-scene with a sincere love for what I do and what we create together. I'm a lifelong switch. At 5'10" barefooted, I'm naturally a dominant femme fatale, but also love to be taken under your spell and morph into your doe-eyed damsel in distress if our chemistry takes us there. Creative role play is my forte. I long to blend seamlessly into our mutual roles and reemerge from our fantasies refreshed and satisfied and thrilled. 

Time with me does not have to be spent in character or under a pre-fixed power dynamic. I am multi-dimensional just as you are and cannot fit into a box. Its true: I am passionate, skilled, and educated in the technicality, vocabulary, and philosophy of kink with my 10 plus years of lifestyle and professional experience, but do not forget, I am equally fluent in the language of love.

Essentially: I'll stop the world and melt with you.

The favorites

  • Artists: Patrick Nagel, Egon Schiele, Aubrey Beardsley, Juno Calypso, James Jean, Jeremy Geddes, Molly Crabapple, Mercedes Helnwein, Michael Hussar
  • Movies: Cronenberg, Stanley Kubrick, Dario Argento, Park Chan-wook, Lars von Trier, Jim Henson
  • Music: New Order, Joy Division, Prince, Portishead, Dirty Beaches. And Lana and Britney, of course
  • Scents: Black Currant, Rose, Vetiver, Cigar, Violet
  • Flowers: Calla Lily, Rose, Orchid, Venus Fly Trap

The basics

  • Twenty-something kinky pixie dream girl
  • A tall glass of water at 5'10”
  • Mostly legs
  • Shoes size 10 with high, ticklish, stocking-covered arches
  • Large hazel Bambi eyes
  • Mint condition! No piercings or tattoos
  • Non-smoker (will indulge for smoking fetishists & ashtrays)
  • Sexual orientation? Friendly & Switchy
  • Libra. Very much so.


+ (1.) “Hey, don’t I know you from…?”

Yes, you do.

+ (2.) “What are you?”

Your dream girl. ;) But in all seriousness, this is a question I receive quite a bit, not only based on my unique, exotic features, but also my name. My last name, Rosen, was inspired by the bittersweet, existential replicant heroine of Philip K Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. I am no Nexus-6 Pleasure Model but what I am is a sweet blend of Black, German, French, and Italian.

+ (3.) “What do you do in your free time?”

I’m in love with film, art and design, as I’m sure you can suss out from my ‘Favorites’ above. I am a romantic and highly libran so I’m very visually stimulated and respond to expressive story telling. I have a lifetime background and education in illustration and fine art. My media of choice these days range from digital to three dimensional, all of the illustrations on the site were lovingly hand done in pen & ink by myself. I also enjoy telling bad jokes, complaining about current events with like minded folks, natural cooking, and long, adventurous road trips across America. One day, I swear I’ll learn to garden, read tarot, and do either aerial silks or lyra, but those lofty aspirations remain to be seen presently. And although it may contradict my more avant-garde, bohemian interests, I unapologetically adore professional wrestling. Feel free to playfully make fun of me for it. I fully understand.

+ (4.) “What should I bring to show my affection?”

Although gifts are of course always, always appreciated, the classic girly-girl go to, chocolate is unfortunately a no no. I don’t consume any dairy products except for sneaking the occasional bite of aged goat cheese. As far as alcohol goes, I’m honestly not much of a drinker. I hate to be a princess, but I only really sip wine, and very slowly at that. (Extra points if its my favorite Japanese plume wine!) I am no prude by any stretch of the imagination so I don’t mind if you indulge while with me, I just simply don’t enjoy the effects of drinking myself. When we go out for a night on the town or you’re picking out a gift or social lubricant for our private encounter, please keep these restrictions in mind. Full disclosure, I have been told I can be a challenge to shop for due to my distinct aesthetic tastes and interests, so feel free to use my DeliveryCode Wishlist as a foolproof cheat sheet.

+ (5.) “What is expected of me during our encounter?”

I’ll greet you with a hug and a smile like we’re already the familiar souls that we soon will be. If we are meeting privately, please take a moment in the restroom to freshen up and wash your hands, mouthwash, etc. While you're in there, place the donation on the counter at the beginning of our time together. If we’re meeting publicly, placing the donation in a book or gift bag is absolutely classic, but I also encourage you to get creative in what you hide it in as long as it ensures our discretion. I’m a lady and don’t like to have to bring it up, so please do not put me in that position. Once the boring part is out of the way, the fun can begin. If we’ve opted to explore fetish or role play, we will take time out of our respective roles to sit down and go over hard limits, health concerns, and safe words before we dive in to our kinky head space. Even if we discuss this during our initial messages, its still important to me to discuss our needs in person prior to indulging together for the first time. For future rendezvous, once we’ve become acquainted with each other’s minds and bodies, I would love to (discreetly) greet you in character and start our scene as discussed upon arrival.

+ (6.) “Do you do offer incall or outcall?”

Both, actually! I primarily frolic in the Gold Coast, but also have a location in Lincoln Park. There is plenty of free parking nearby as well as that fantastic public transportation the Windy City is known for. I’m also happy to meet you at your boutique downtown hotel. Please let me know if the hotel elevator has a keycard entrance before I leave for our tryst. Like a sexy secret agent, I will be dressed a little more conservatively than usual to pass as a civilian in the public's eye, but I can promise what’s underneath will be much more enticing… I prefer to play on my home turf (my incall) or in a neutral location (a hotel in the city) the first time we meet, but would be flattered to invited to your private residence within city limits once we’ve solidified our relationship. I currently do not play in the suburbs. I’m a city girl at heart and prefer to keep it in Chicago.

+ (7.) “What are your hard limits?”

My limits are to be discussed in person on a case by case basis depending on the type of play we are planning to engage in. I have limits not only as a fetishist and submissive, but also as a top and lover. I am vocal and communicative about my needs and desires in our experience and expect you to be as well. We will go over safe words and concerns before we dive into our fantasies to ensure a welcoming space. Both of our safety and discretion are at the top of my priority list so speak up and I will always listen and respect you, completly judgement free. My limits may also change through out our relationship as we grow and explore and deepen our intimacy.
Trust is earned and authentic. Take my hand.

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